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Attack on Finsbury Park Mosque


Western civilization is on it’s way to being a low trust, tribal, balkanized 1984 police state, all in the name of diversity, which is more important than merit, skill, scientific truth, rationalism and pretty much anything else, and you are NOT allowed to question the infinite awesomeness that is diversity and, of course, “tolerance”.  Diversity is our new God and questioning it is heresy, and that includes any limitations on diversity.  If you think we should limit diversity in ANY WAY, you’re a Nazi, can lose your job, and in most of the West, be censored, perhaps arrested, fined, jailed, etc.  It’s as if the entirety of Western culture has decided to help nature increase entropy and give up on the whole, fighting entropy awesomeness that is civilization.  Very bizarre new religion we have, makes the eating your savior thing seem kinda normal.

No matter how many of your family and loved ones are raped, slaughtered, or even just taxed up the ass to fund the Muslim refugees slaughtering and raping OTHER people’s kids, you must quietly take it or you’re a Nazi.  Well, this of course was destined to lead to pent up frustration and eventually, the unleashing of it in a violent way by an unhinged personality.  Jordan Peterson makes this point about free speech in this video (I know it’s long but he’s so good!), that it’s better to allow free speech than to censor it and lead to pent up speech and eventually what just happened in Finsbury Park.  A mosque was attacked by an English bloke who apparently was shouting that he wants to “Kill all the Muslims”.  Sigh.

Islam apologists are blaming Tommy Robinson, a patriotic Englishman who has been to jail for being a counter jihadist, because he and many others predicted this would happen eventually.  It’s simply physics, except, in the case of the Anglo Saxon, we do not have an equal and opposite reaction, no, we wait and wait and eventually fight back a little at a time.  And oh boy, when we decide to fight back as a group, I wouldn’t want to be in the way.  Unfortunately, our group defenses are so terrible right now that I’m not sure we will ever have the gumption to do what it takes to save Western civilization from submitting to Islam without civil war in Europe.  Sometimes I have hope, when I read comments on articles telling us we need to just keep dealing with the situation as it is and there’s NOTHING we can do about it (um, Muslims killing us, less Muslims means less of them to kill us, it’s not rocket science!) and people in the comments thread are not having any of it.  But then I talk to someone I care about who would rather enjoy his life than fight to save Western civilization from submitting to Allah, from us all from being slaves, since the punishment for apostasy is death.  Then something inside of me dies.  We are hopeless.  We are too selfish and hedonistic and blindly in love with diversity and tolerance to make the sacrifices now that will veer us off course from a terrible path.  We are screwed.

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