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But let’s be rational! Terrorism is a small percentage effect.

My friend used this argument on me the other day, but I think it’s complete BS.  The whole purpose of terrorism is to take advantage of human psychology to terrorize a population.  Homo sapiens, in case you hadn’t noticed it, aren’t rational, no matter how much our silly market-based economic system seems to believe we are.  So saying to your entire population of homo sapiens, irrational by nature, to be rational is just silly silly silliness.  Terrorism has a nonlinear effect because it is out of our control and seemingly random and consists of horribly violent and terrible events that are horrific to even think about, though the numbers are small, but also based on a power law so there are many more large events than would be expected with a  Gaussian distribution.  Being mad that an effectively designed way of terrorizing your homo sapiens population is working is like getting mad at your dog for barking at strangers.  Be mad at the people terrorizing them and stop them, don’t be mad that people are people.

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  1. There’s a big difference between non-violent causes of death, however common, than violence directed by one group to another with the intention to control or conquer that group.

    Heart attacks don’t tell you to cover up your face or else.

  2. Mo3 Sizlak Mo3 Sizlak

    I think it will unfortunately require something as extreme as psychoanalysis, sociology, psychology, and philosophy all becoming “hard science” before people start accepting arguments that have even the POTENTIAL to “generalize” any cultural/religious group. Simple arguments like less muslim immigration means a lower number of educated, uneducated, rich, poor, socialized, isolated, and otherwise diverse people who share one thing in common (being muslim) from blowing themselves up. I don’t know about you but I would advocate driving that probability as close to zero as humanly possible. If that requires some level of “islamophobia ” so be it. As a side note, I would say that internationally, Muslims deserve an Oscar for their ability to play the victim.

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      I know right, they blow us up because Jihad is how Islam is meant to spread, designed by Mohamed, and then the first thing we hear about is how we should be worrying about a rebound attack on them! Plus when you look at the hate crime, Jews are actually targeted more, by Muslims I wonder?

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