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Roosh V vs the World

miley wrecking ball

Remember Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball?  I myself felt perplexed when this video came out about why she would want to make herself into a sex object.  Here’s a song to listen to while you read this post.


I’m so tired of the gender wars.  Males and females are destined to not understand each other, but feminism seems to make it worse.  Males and females need to work together for the sake of the future of the West.  Stop hating each other because of different sex chromosomes, please.

This is a post on the battle of RooshV vs the World.  Here are some major points:

  1. Dude, why is everyone hating on freedom of speech these days?  I don’t care about anyone’s feelings, freedom is more important than your feelings.  This is a slippery slope we are sliding down and I don’t like it one bit.
  2. Roosh was never accused of rape or seriously recommended rape, it was a thought experiment, and an intelligent one at that.
  3. A certain religion DOES promote rape and sex slavery and has led to mass sexual assaults all over Europe and much violence worldwide, why aren’t we talking about that instead of Roosh, who isn’t a rapist and actually seems to want women to stop being sluts lately.
  4. PUA is a symptom of feminism but also feeds back into the loop, increasing the negative effects.  Hookup culture is bad for everyone.
  5. Women are offering themselves up for objectification to men.  Yes, men objectify women, they can’t help it, I think it’s in their biological programming, but you don’t have to let yourself be a sex object to them.  Wait for love, for all the good biological reasons.  Love neurobiochemistry should be taught in school!
  6. Many men seem to think the fewer men you’ve slept with the better your value as a mate.  If that’s how they feel, whether for biological or cultural reasons, it’s important information for women and feminists who deny it harm women’s options.  When a guy is trying to fuck you instead of mate with you, imaging he is stabbing you in the uterus with his cock, murdering your future children.
  7. Sexual marketplace: women are devaluing their own pussies and the value of pussy in general, making it hard for men to want to settle down.

The pick-up artist (PUA) movement is a byproduct of  “evil feminism“.  Most of the guys who study it do it because they want to succeed with women and they never leaned how.  Likely they became afraid of women through a byproduct of feminism and didn’t realize women like men who respect themselves and go after what they want, including us when there’s a connection.  But some PUA guys take it too far, get too good at tricking women into sleeping with them and turn it into a game about satisfying the darkest impulses of male sexual desire, and I think it breeds contempt for women, rather than loving, satisfying long-term relationships.

If women aren’t being educated to value their chastity, why are men who bang lots of women so proud of themselves?  Instead of taking advantage of the fact that their fathers and others didn’t protect women from the brainwashing to devalue themselves sexually, men should be fighting to free the minds of the young women of their nations so that their society will have a future generation of children growing up in healthy families.

The current RooshV scandal is regarding this blog post, an interesting Gedankenexperiment on how to stop rape, namely, by making rape in private spaces legal, so that women will not rely on after the fact prosecution but know that it is a terrible idea to put themselves in a vulnerable state with any males they don’t trust, as they can’t put them in jail after the fact.  If taken seriously, women would defensively protect themselves from rapists but not put themselves into situations where they make other bad sexual decisions, like sleeping with a PUA like Roosh, which they may not normally chose but allow to happen under the influence or alcohol, drugs, or  situations that distort their normal decision making ability or put themselves at risk of being used sexually, either with (Pick-up) or against (rape) their consent.

Game is setting up situations that lower your defenses so that you consent, it’s not about rape.  It’s really good salesmanship, for cock.  Have you ever bought something and wondered after, what the hell just happened?  Was it unethical?  The salesperson was doing their job; you have to protect yourself from good salesmen if you don’t want to buy stuff you didn’t mean to.  Like a cock that wants to fuck you but would never want to look into your baby’s eyes while lying in bed exhausted from your first months of parenting together.  It’s really hard to find those kind of guys.  But it’s all the fault of collective females, and feminism/cultural marxism/media/culture for trying to re-purpose women away from the biological facts of life.

Roosh’s proposal would teach women to take the primary responsibility for their own safety so they do everything in their power to prevent being raped, since they have no recourse against a would be rapist after the fact.  The post is an extreme thought experiment to point out how we, as a society, hurt women by not teaching them how to protect themselves from situations where they put themselves at risk, calling it victim blaming instead of victim PREVENTION.  Haven’t ya’ll heard the phrase “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?  Who cares more about rape victims, people who make sure fewer become victims or those that make sure rape victims stay in victim mentality in perpetuity and always feel scared and vulnerable instead of empowered to protect themselves?

Do we want to go full Islam and put women in birhkas or they will get molested in the streets as in the above video?  Men of the West, including Roosh, are risking death (criticizing Islam often leads to the loss of life; it’s the only true religion so of course they have to kill anyone who questions it…no, don’t be suspicious of that, you’re RACIST!)  to be our heroes and protect us from Muslim rapists and jihadists our governments are importing and some want to find loving relationships and some even want families, but they can’t do it on their own, they can’t say no to pussy if they know they can get it via game, while at the same time whining that it’s so easy to get into girls’ pants.

Chastity, including how many guys I’ve slept with, is considered a factor in whether a guy would want to marry and have children with me, even while at the same time they are unchaste themselves and doing their best to get into my pants whether or not they even like me, and I never really knew that, I thought it was a weird cultural double standard that wouldn’t actually affect my options.  AHHHHH!!!!!  It’s not PC for men to say it and they are attacked for thinking it, but if that’s how many men feel about women, women should know this to optimize our mating pool.  Men can’t help feeling that way despite the fact that it’s incredibly hypocritical, hating them for it isn’t constructive.  It’s probably related to testosterone and the territorial circuits that men’s brain’s hijack to make them fall in love with women they pair bond with, read the book the Chemistry Between Us for more on that.

The science of love and male jealousy are related to why men prefer chaste women for pair bonding and love, because of the negative “passing on your DNA” effects of being cucked, despite the fact that males will go off and bang as many women as they can.  PUAs, if you’re helping dig the hole, don’t you see how silly it is to complain when the hole gets deeper?

Can we have a truce and start looking for loving, respectful relationships to start families within?  Pretty please?  Or, maybe PUA guys, instead of writing books about how men can get through women’s defenses, you should be writing defensive books for women.  You know all the tricks, so you should be able to help women who want to maintain themselves for a loving mate protect themselves from the likes of you and your trainees.  Help her determine who wants a notch and who will love her for life, and remind women of the value of chastity in attracting the best mate.

Men aren’t satisfied chasing tail without a higher purpose, including a partner and family.  Men actually do a lot worse after divorce and breakups, since they often only had their partner as their main support, whereas women often have many friends they are close to.   Each gender is evolved to be a little bit evil, and we have to learn how to love, accept and try to understand each other.  Denying that there are any biological differences between men and women isn’t helping us get closer, in fact, it’s driving us apart.  Gender isn’t a social construct, no matter how many times your women’s studies professor repeats it in class.

Roosh has a video about fucking girls you don’t like!  Ugh, sick, please, don’t let any guys who feel that way about you fuck you, if you have an ounce of self-respect!  The hook up culture is bad for women, and there’s science to back that up, so anyone who wants women to be happy, will want to end hook up culture.  Men won’t, they know they can’t, basically, and they are begging us to say no to them so they can have wives, mothers, and loves to spend their lives with.   That’s what this world is coming to, PUAs asking women to put them out of business.

We need to educate women not just on the biology, ie. sex makes babies and about STDs but also on the incredibly rational reasons why love, sex and babies are intimately connected and should not be separated.  If you aren’t ok with a baby wait, because accidents happen, even on the pill.  When you have intercourse with a man, you begin the neurobiological process of falling in love with him, via love hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, etc, (read The Chemistry Between Us).  The strength of the process depends on the woman (and possibly on her hormonal state?), but vaginal sex is designed by evolution to form pair bonds with baby daddies, so do it with men who you are ready to form a neurobiochemical attachment with.  Once you have sex with a guy, you cannot rationally judge him as a mate, so make sure he’s good mate material BEFORE you take that chance.  I’ve found it’s in women’s OWN BEST INTERESTS to take how female neurobiology and the biological purpose of sex into account when we decide who to engage in sexual activity with.  Anything else is anti-science and anti-woman.

PUA makes me sick, but I’m starting to think that male sexuality is quite dark.  I re-listened to this episode of This American Life about testosterone and it helped me a little bit to understand what it’s like to be a male.  It seems that there’s something scary there, something that scares some men about themselves.  The men who feed only the dark side of male sexuality eventually find that hedonism and nihilism aren’t what fulfills the human soul, as I’ve explained over and over when I reference the Denial of Death by Ernest Becker.  Humans need a mission to feel important in the face of the terror of death we always have in the back of our minds and men don’t feel fulfilled when the mission is just “banging lots of girls”.  I certainly don’t feel fulfilled with the mission of being a good scientist without being a mother. Men need families and to feel valued by society.

So, ladies, just say no to guys until you know they are someone worth falling in love with and literally mating with, i.e., making babies, which is the evolutionary purpose of sex, in addition to forming and strengthening the pair bond in the parents who will raise the baby you create together.

Rather than attack Roosh who wants to PREVENT women from being victims of rape, we need to end the rapefugee crisis in Europe and protect our societies from the inevitable threat Islam holds to freedom, especially of women.

The bad mind memes are deep and it will be challenging to find common ground, but men and women need each other.  Men vilifying women for being brainwashed into devaluing their chastity when men (fathers, friends, teachers, leaders, anyone) didn’t protect them from the brainwashing isn’t helpful.  Help us become unbrainwashed.  Feminism doesn’t care about women’s happiness, it has made women less happy and it wants to keep going!

Men, when given pussy for free with no commitment, are loath to commit to a family and life with one woman.  It’s basic economics.  If women want pussy to be valued as a commodity for marriage and family-making the way it used to, we need to stop giving it away for free. Apparently there was some value in the old way of doing things.

Roosh, if you read this, your video about Islamophobia was so deadpan I thought you were Muslim and meant it for real!  Now that I know you are fighting the Islamic invasion, I respect you at least somewhat, though I don’t think you should keep digging and teaching men to dig.  Why can’t women see that men want to fight for us and regain their masculinity and feeling of worth by protecting our future?  Islam is a much greater danger to women than RooshV, a PUA who wants to make PUA obsolete.


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  1. “Males and females are destined to not understand each other ….”

    Speak for yourself. 😉

  2. “Game is setting up situations that lower your defenses so that you consent”

    What about social skills?

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      Valid point. Those are important and transferrable to other life situations.

  3. It’s really good salesmanship, for cock.

    Really good salesmanship is helping people get what they want. It often involves asking questions to help people understand issues and see how a given solution can work for them.

    I don’t disagree with you that “game” is salesmanship, but if what you’re selling is good—and it should be—what’s wrong with that?

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      Maybe you have not had this type of sales experience. I’ve had an experience where, within 5 minutes I was deeply regretting it and wondering whether I’d been drugged or something, it was a very irrational decision and I wasn’t sure what I was thinking to make it. So, some salesmen are too good at selling even to those who aren’t better off with said product, and if you end up with a product you didn’t really want because they were too convincing, that’s a bad thing for the customer. Same happens if the product is consumables or cock, if you regret the decision then it wasn’t the right one, regardless of the legal situation, both are legal but that doesn’t make them ideal for the consumer. I think for the act that can make a baby, you should both be certain you are making the right decision, but I guess I’m advocating for people to take sex a bit more seriously as an act of love and baby making.

  4. PUA makes me sick

    Er, why? Why should men who, as you put it, didn’t learn how, not learn how? What’s wrong with a man learning how to approach, attract, and, yes, seduce a woman or women?

    It’s a good skillset to have. It probably isn’t, by itself, a compelling life mission, but I’m not seeing the problem with it, any more than I’m seeing the problem with books or articles offering women relationship advice.

    • Actually, what makes me sick is castigating men who, because maybe they’re not the best looking, the tallest, the richest, the most socially gifted, and so on, should accept their lot in life as sexual and romantic rejects, and never be able to compete for quality women.

      Frankly, I find that viewpoint vile.

      I understand you, from your own self-interest (as you perceive it, perhaps incorrectly), don’t want a man to punch above his weight, so to speak, by learning social skills to be applied in dating and to learn to become far more attractive. You would rather be able to evaluate him based on whatever your own criteria are. Including him giving you the family you want, or whatever the thing is. Other women judge based on earning potential, social status, and whatnot.

      But to say men just have to sit their being passively evaluated rather than launch on an intense and difficult, scary journey of self-improvement so they can get more from life … well, it’s very female-centered and seems uncaring about men.

      I personally had no social skills to speak of and I learned a lot during one hard, emotionally tumultuous year of going out and doing it before I ever heard there were books on the subject. I learned a lot, including much of what I later learned is taught in the books. Then I learned more from books and such.

      Was I doing an immoral, sickening thing? There’s something so mysterious and amazing about women a man is forbidden to learn about them?

      I realize you don’t know much about men, but why should men have to stay in that state about women? How does that help anyone—including the women?

      What is wrong with learning how to give women better emotional experiences such that they wish to spend more time with the man, possibly in every sense of the word? And if they have sex … what … only the man benefits? The woman gets nothing from it at all?

      To say the least, I disagree with this line of thinking. It is noble for a man to learn, or teach, how to be successful. This includes dating and such.

      At the end of the day, women have tons of power as men tend to desire them. Women can say yes or no. They don’t also have the right to say no, a man can’t learn to be successful with women!

      With all due respect.

      • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

        I’m not bothered at men going after relationships with women they are interested in and learning how to do that more effectively. I think hook up culture is harmful and so anything that just adds to that is harmful, but I wouldn’t say it’s any individual person’s fault, just a general cultural phenomena that takes a lot of hard individual choices to combat and a ton of misinformation propagating it up. Mostly I’m bothered when deception is used in the PUA process, i.e. when a guy makes a girl think it isn’t just a fuck but that’s all he ever intended to be. When lies or deception are used get past her defenses. If a guy is honest about wanting a one night stand and the girl is into that, that’s her choice, it’s dishonesty about intentions that bothers me the most.

        I was thinking in the car about how to model and simulate this problem and figure out what part of parameter space is actually harmful and how much so. Depends on a lot of assumptions I suppose. Hmmm, i guess i will try to find time to play with matlab tonight…

  5. Mostly I’m bothered when deception is used in the PUA process, i.e. when a guy makes a girl think it isn’t just a fuck but that’s all he ever intended to be.

    You understand the subject matter. PUA teachers tend to advise very strongly against signalling love interest too soon, as that turns most modern women off. That was certainly my experience back from when I started dating. It is far more likely that a PUA teacher would advise a student to keep to himself that he would like a long-term relationship with her so as not to scare her off.

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      Well, that’s good. I don’t know, it just terrifies me, the idea that someone could trick me into thinking he likes me only to fuck me and not actually like or respect me, is disgusting to me and I’d rather stay home and become an old maid than be used like that, if those were my only two options.

  6. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme.
    Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz respond as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u
    got this from. appreciate it

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      It’s a wordpress standard setup for a blog template. You can find so many varieties there.

  7. I agree with a lot of the stuff you said about Roosh here, in terms of he has reinvented himself (or perhaps always was, and is presenting himself more) as someone who wants to protect western civilization generally, including its women. Ironically, I read a couple pages of and hated Roosh’s PUA stuff. I returned it immediately for a refund, telling him what I didn’t like about it (this was years ago). I remember he quickly and cordially refunded my money.

    So, some PUA stuff I definitely don’t like (of course, I’m sure there would have been parts of his writing I found more agreeable to my values if I had read more). But at its core, it’s teaching men how to meet and do well with women, in every sense of the word—including romantic and building love. Many men have used these tools to find the sort of relationship you would prefer.

    But it’s almost impossible to directly go from unconfident and little skill to success with an amazing woman, so there’s a more-or-less large, sometimes huge, learning curve. This includes real-world experience. And, yes, this can include sex.

    Which is fun.

    Love is the great prize that many self-described PUAs value. Some just want sex, of course. I don’t consider myself a “pick-up artist”, but I have learned a thing or three about women over the years, mostly from my own experiences and somewhat through reading, listening to material, and so on. I’m glad of it. It has served me well, overall, and I’ve even attracted an amazing relationship, partly because of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained.

    Don’t you agree?

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart


      • yoshi s island yoshi s island


        Scrolling comments, and wondering if you’ve realized Christoph Dollis is trying to tell you he’s interested in you yet, and, in case, how long it took you.


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