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Tolerance to intolerance that spreads quickly is intolerance as t->infinity


Above is a graphic that represents Al-Qaeda’s master plan.  We walked into it, as pointed out in this Syrian Times Article and made it happen almost exactly as planned.  Der Spiegel published this article as far back as 2005 and it’s scary how it’s come to pass-and how naive we were about the risks.  Hey, Western nations, you’ve become soft and are getting your asses whooped at strategy by terrorists; stop doing what they expect!  Blaming the terrorism in France on our war policies when they wanted us to go to war and that’s why they attacked in 9/11 is odd.  We should blame ourselves because our leaders were stupid enough to walk into this trap, basically giving them a terrorism factory on a silver platter, as the Onion satirically predicted; it is scary when a satire medium predicts the future better than the mainstream media.  I would also place the blame on Islam for devaluing this material world so highly that Muslims are willing to let so many of their co-religionists die just to bring about the Islamic Caliphate.  Our leaders are so incredibly naive to the threat in front of us and naive to how our actions would only make the situation worse.  But our leaders are not working for us so what do we expect?   We sell our government to the highest bidder and then are seriously surprised by the fact that it doesn’t put the best interests of our nation first?  Wake up America, your politicians are bought and sold!

From the article in 2005 in Der Spiegel:

Nevertheless, there is no way the scenario he depicts can be seen as a plan which al-Qaida can follow step by step. The terrorist network just doesn’t work like that anymore. The significance of the central leadership has diminished and its direct commands have lost a great deal of importance. The supposed master plan for the years 2000 to 2020 reads in parts more like a group of ideas cobbled together in retrospect, than something planned and presented in advance. And not to mention the terrorist agenda is simply unworkable: the idea that al-Qaida could set up a caliphate in the entire Islamic world is absurd. The 20-year plan is based mainly on religious ideas. It hardly has anything to do with reality — especially phases four to seven.

Oh my, are we fools!  The nice thing is that ISIS and Al Qaeda are at odds at the moment, thank goodness, working together would make them both more powerful.

Before you read this post, please read this article about the religious technology of Islam (references given here), if you can think at a higher level about religion and your amygdala is functioning the article should terrify you.  It’s also intellectually fascinating if you’re like me and find the homo sapiens attraction to and belief in bizarre religious ideologies fascinating.   Do Muslims with a high enough IQ see it for what it is, religious technology to control people in large societies?  Or is the death threat too terrifying and that keeps their thoughts “safer”?  Is the fervor feedback network that uses emotions to grow a “love” attachment to the religious ideology too strong to let their brains think objectively about it, even in high IQ Muslims?  Or is it a religious gene that separates the believers from the nonbelievers who just go along with it to avoid being killed?  What a horrible way to live, fake belief in this or die, that’s what Sharia is about.

I just don’t get it, how anyone can read the Islamic holy books and become MORE of a believer, when it’s so clearly an innovative religious technological invention by “Evil Genius Mohammed” to control people and spread quickly and violently?  Mohammed was a much greater innovator than that clock kid, whose only invention is, in the best case scenario, being a punk teenager, HOW INNOVATIVE!

The answers to the questions that might come up in your mind after you read the post linked above can be found here, so I don’t want to repeat the work that someone else has already done.  More opinion polls are brought together here.  To be honest, what I find most terrifying about the opinion poll data is this: Those who are adherent Muslims know that they are encouraged to lie to further the cause of Islam, a practice called Taqiyya, so we don’t know how many of those who didn’t fess up to the opinion pollsters actually do support jihad and other barbaric practices of Islam,  especially if they know it’s not in Islam’s best interests to let the pollsters know.

I don’t care how well you were brainwashed into cultural relativism, but I for one don’t want Islam to take over my society.  Western society isn’t perfect, but it’s a better society for freedom, development of technology, science, innovation, etc.  We don’t throw gay people off of buildings or have sex slaves.  Those things ARE practiced by the group ISIS, which is the answer the question “What Would Mohammed Do?”  I’ll take WWJD over WWMD any day and I’m not a believer!  I think of ISIS/Jihad as the highest level of Islam, similar to the levels in Scientology and other cults, which are defined by these levels, along with deception in recruiting people at the lower levels about what goes on at the higher levels (Read Cults in Our Midst).  Of course,  not all Muslims get to that level and there is no way to predict who will get to the higher level, but denying the danger of the higher levels of Islam is just like saying it’s ok to encourage your friends to join Scientology, as they are unlikely to go full Thetan on it.  Do we really want to take that risk with our fellow citizens’ lives and limbs?  Do you really want to risk your children, or family members or friends in order to be kind to people who have been indoctrinated to love a sociopath above all others?  Why not be kind by figuring out how to get them out of that insanity?  An indoctrinated love for a sociopath can’t be psychologically healthy.  To me, compassion is helping cult members out, not apologizing for the cult so you don’t hurt the feelings of cult members who aren’t yet at the higher levels.

Many people seem to have a mental block for recognizing how dangerous Islam is.  People will come up with every possible, nonsensical reason why we shouldn’t worry about it.  Really, you’re telling me we don’t need to worry about the Prime directive of Islam, that somehow what they tell us they want to do to our society is not at all a threat?  What is wrong with your threat detection systems, America?  They are THREATENING US DIRECTLY!  It’s lunacy to ignore this as something that we might want to consider as problematic and threatening, since it is, well, a threat.  This isn’t rocket science, it’s basic human compassion for the safety of your own citizens.  Especially when they are recruiting people online successfully!

Islam, when practiced as the Islamic holy books describe it, is incompatible with freedom and with Western values.  I don’t want to encourage hate, but if more Americans can’t get through their mental block to this, the discussion will be dominated by haters who hate the people themselves, not the ideology, which to me is totally worthy of hatred.  I’d love to bring in lots of ex-Muslims who are productive to our society and want to speak out against Islam publicly when they move here.  We need them to fight adherent Islam without our society.  I don’t want to bring in any more Muslims who believe that Mohammed, a mass murdering pedophilile and sex slaver-was the best man who ever lived, that everyone who doesn’t believe in Allah and love his prophet is inferior, that Islam should spread to conquer the world and that violence and subterfuge are acceptable when working towards that goal.  The Islamic holy books, as written, aren’t compatible with befriending Muslims.  If you, a nonbeliever/infidel/kafir, are friends with Muslims, they are either ignoring their faith or they are faking friendship with you, as Allah doesn’t allow his followers to be friends with unbelievers.

If Muslims want to live in the freedom of the West, they need to solve this problem for themselves.  They themselves need to work out how to remove this evil trap from their religion, which I think is near impossible-but it’s certainly something that can only be done from within, if at all.  No more people in the West need to die for the insane ideology of a psychopathic cult leader from 1400 years ago!  No more people in the west need to die when they criticize or make comics of Mohammed.  We have no obligation to take any Muslims if their religion is dangerous and they don’t want to admit it and fix it to get access to life in the West again.  Muslims who are already here should be encouraged and protected when they want to leave their faith (there’s an ex-Muslims Association of America started by the awesome Sarah Heider.  Watch this video of a speech she gave.) and supported if they chose to be brave and speak out against Islam.  Here’s an excellent and inspiring example of one brave women, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  And here’s another awesome ex-Muslim speaking the truth about Islam, brave lady!

Are all Muslims aware of the prime directive?  Nope!  But it’s those nice, friendly moderate Muslims who allow the process of domination of our culture and political systems to continue without anyone noticing it or stopping it.  That and the lies we are told every day by our media and politicians that “Islam is a religion of peace”.  If Islam is a “religion of peace”, how do people so easily “warp” it to kill people, mostly other Muslims who aren’t adherent to the Islamic holy books, and why are they doing it more and more each year?  How can Islam be a religion of peace when its founder was a mass murderer?  How can this tiny fraction of Muslims who support the rule WWMD be so darn effective if they are so vehemently opposed by Muslims who will stand up to this?  Brave ex-Muslims and those who want to try to reform Islam need to be supported to speak out.  If they fix it, they can start moving here again.  That’s not our problem to fix and we can’t do it anyways.  It’s a problem internal to their religious system, they either solve it or not.  Without creating an incentive to solve it, by blocking off access to the West, nothing will change and the cult will continue to enslave minds to Mohammad.

Any plan to defeat ISIS without a plan to defeat Al-Qaeda- and to fundamentally destroy the ideology of violent Jihad as described in the Qu’ran-is a bad plan.  Islam has been doing it for 1400 years!  We used to know that the prime directive of Islam is a danger to our freedoms and weren’t afraid to call it like it is.  We’ve gotten so brainwashed by our PC culture that we will let girls be raped rather than be called racist!!!!  (Even though Islam isn’t a race, as all you have to do to not be Muslim is stop being Muslim, oh yeah, and try not to get killed by other Muslims on your way out.)  Grow some balls and protect the children of your society from rapists of all colors or religious creeds.  The prophet encouraged raping and taking sex slaves of infidels, ISIS is just following WWMD.  If that offends Muslims, they should change their religion and have more psychological peace, with beliefs more in line with their values.

Here’s a great Sam Harris podcast on the topic.  Sam is an atheist thinker and neuroscientist who speaks out on Islam (listen to his podcasts, his voice is a nice, soothing, calm uncle-like voice of reason, so he must be a bigot, right?).  Islam is Nazi-ism with a god, basically.  This is not a left/right issue, it’s an issue about right/wrong, freedom/tyranny, destructive and submissive culture/liberty and human dignity culture.  From the data I’ve seen, I think it’s enough of a problem that we should take it seriously and speak out, and it’s already a serious threat in places like Sweden and Germany. I’m doing it where I can and trying to use my reputation as a fairly decent human being to get some people to take me seriously.  It’s already lost me some friends, but I’d rather lose friends than lose freedoms for my grandchildren.  What about you?  Will you be tolerant of intolerance, which, if allowed to grow faster than tolerance, will lead to the end of tolerance?  I will not stop speaking out against Islam until South Park can safely made a Mohammed vs Jesus episode similar to their Jesus vs Santa episode, but hopefully even funnier.  Sorry Jesus, you’re gonna get your ass whooped by Mohammed, lucky you’re so good at coming back from the dead.  Can I have a bite of your body and drink some of your blood now?  (ex-Catholic here, see, making fun of the religion of your parents and ancestors can be FUN!)

By the way, the idea of making Jews wear a yellow badge?  That was invented by Muslims!  We need to have a reality check in the West.  Oh and remember how we had the big bad Crusades that were awful?  They were a response to Jihad.  Reality kind of sucks doesn’t it?  I wish I could bury my head in the sand, but I just couldn’t once I saw the truth for myself.  Can you?  Read and watch the links and decide for yourself.  Don’t take my word for it!  But open your mind to the possibility that I might be right.  I was on the other side before, so I’ve already gone through all the arguments you have in my own head.  I have Muslim friends and I don’t want them to feel hated, but I don’t also want to ignore this serious threat to the future of the West as we know it.


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  1. It is interesting to find someone like Eric Allen Bell mentioned, but not Pamela Geller, or Robert Spencer. Why would anyone go to Bell when you can go to the sources he uses?

    Moreover, EAB is an opponent of the Counter Jihad Movement. He defrauded the CJM in 2012 by pretending to have a “bounty” on his head. He knew this wasn’t true, and continued to feature the bounty in his appeals for donations toward the making of a movie, that of course, he didn’t ever make.

    He is an amazing liar, who claimed he followed the science of consciousness. That was complete baloney. He is a New Age guru who wants to replace Christianity with his New Age clap trap that includes “What the Bleep”, Dr. Emoto, the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He ran an online psychic reading service called Fate-in Focus. How many people do you know that run an online psychic reading service? If you ask him about this he will get defensive, and denounce you as a Christian, or a homosexual, or insane.

    Eric’s business Bell Media, doesn’t do anything, doesn’t have a website, or Facebook page. He is just an out of control liar, and fraud. Listen to him lie his pants off on the radio saying 4 Pakistani newspapers called for his death. He’s lying, nothing like that ever happened. There is no mention of EAB in the Wikipedia entry for “Innocence of Muslims”. Eleven seconds later, he is doing it again by claiming his case is working its way up to Eric Holder. No, it isn’t. He got death threats on Facebook, that’s it.

    Eric is a bigot. I know that word gets thrown around a lot, but he really is one. This is from David Christopher.

    And, this is from Robert Spencer — “”It is a shame that Eric[Allen Bell] has run off the rails and started making all these bizarre comments. This one [attacking Pamela Geller] is bad enough — then there were the antisemitic ones. We are fighting for freedom and the defense of human rights, and his infighting and paranoid conspiracy mongering is worse than counterproductive. He is not an ally.””

    There is massive evidence for what I am claiming. He is definitely not one of us.

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      Wow, thanks for the info, I was totally unaware of that! I just think the “Nazi with a god” reference, though of course typical of online comparisons to bring up Nazi’s, (what’s that law called again?), is actually a really good comparison. When people say, they have nice Muslim friends, I too have nice Muslim friends, though none that are currently in my circle so I don’t have anyone to discuss this stuff with who knows what it’s like from the inside. But I had a nice Nazi grandma, well, she was a German in Hitler’s Germany and grew up in Hitler youth. If the nice ones who don’t want to kills Jews don’t stick up to the bad ones, it doesn’t matter how many there are.

      I was thinking of taking down Catholicism in my next post. Or talking about the things I like and don’t like about it, basically. That was the weird ass faith I was raised in.

  2. It is hard to convey the impact Eric’s arrival had on the Counter Jihad Movement. He seemed tailor made for us; a former Left wing person who has awakened to the truth, and danger of jihad, and who had 20 years of experience making movies in Hollywood. We all wanted to see him make his feature length movie that would have international distribution, and take the CJM to the next level. He was our deliverance.
    Every early on, Eric spent 15 minutes trying to get a Muslim to renounce her faith over the radio.
    The Counter Jihad Movement is a religious rights movement, a human rights movement, a first amendment movement. For Eric to do this, and persist at it in front of Robert Spencer meant he didn’t understand where he was, nor who he was speaking to.
    But, it got worse. The following week Eric was thoroughly unrepentant, said he would do this again, and lied about his New Age beliefs. When Eric was confronted about his endorsement of the movie “What the Bleep”, Dr. Emoto, and Ramtha, he said his website was devoted to “science of consciousness”. It’s not. He is running a New Age website that has nothing to do with science of consciousness.
    If you Google “globalone”, and “science of consciousness”, the results will be posts by prominent New Age figures like: Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Amit Goswami, and Edgar Mitchell.
    None of the people associated with science of consciousness are ever discuss Eric Allen Bell, or Globalone.
    The whole thing got ripe when Eric tried to turn death threats on Facebook into an international incident with a bounty on his head. He is lying his pants off here about Pakistani newspaper calling for his death. I have the screen shots of the newspapers that he sourced in his appeals for money, they never talk about killing him.
    It just goes on, and on like this. He simply isn’t real, at all. I don’t know what he is planning, but I do know that it will be hostile. He is not a friend of the CJM.

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      OMG the most painful movie I ever watched was What the Bleep Do We Know! Argh! I hate when people try to pretend Quantum mechanics explains whatever BS new age thing they want to have it explain. A neuroscience grad student I work with said once recently something like “People think that Quantum Mechanics is so weird that you can use it to explain whatever psuedoscience theory you want”. Yep.

      That’s too bad about EAB, why are there so many lame people in the world? I’m a former die hard liberal, currently I don’t know what, just confused and doubtful and skeptical of everyone who thinks they have the answers, though, with my experience with a cult and the reading I’ve done I now have a strong level of confidence that Islam is a cult and fundamentally a bad thing for humanity, unless there is some way to reform it. It’s just too dangerous as it is and I doubt it can be reformed, but infidels certainly cannot do it. If I could have a team of psychologists (I can’t convince any psych people I know so far, they are too liberal, argh, even a former cult member, I couldn’t get through to her even) and other experts, I would love to figure out how to unconvert people from Islam, that would be such a service to humanity. I have a post on that coming up soon, I want ideas for how to help people out of the mind control of Islam peacefully as much as possible. That’s why I want to convince people from both sides, liberals and conservatives literally have different minds so I think we’d have better potential solutions with both sides at the table. Cults (including liberalism, apparently!) are powerful at controlling minds, and Islam is very well designed. Mohammad was the best cult leader in history, but like all cult leaders, he didn’t form his cult to improve the well being of his members, just to gain fame and glory. It worked. And 1.7 billion people on this planet can’t seem to see through that obvious manipulation of their minds by a 1400 year dead sociopath.

      I’m still not so sure humanity would be better off without religion. It serves a purpose as social “glue” and in giving people meaning and a purpose in life. The book the Denial of Death by Ernest Becker really helped me understand what is missing in the West and why we are so vulnerable to cults, with Islam/ISIS being one scary example right now. If you haven’t read it, I’m an avid reader and it was one of my favorite books that I’ve read.

  3. Allison Allison

    Hey, you’re someone I like and respect and I’m hoping you’re willing to have a back-and-forth dialogue with me, even if we disagree on a lot of things. (And, it will probably be in somewhat slow mo because OMG busy.)

    First, I want to make sure I really understand what you’re saying. There’s a lot going on in this post, but it seems the core of it is that there’s a lot of violence being perpetrated in the name of Islam, and a lot of analysis that says that this violence is a fundamental property of Islam. So, you’re really scared of Islam as a whole, because like everyone you want to have a peaceful world, and you wish you could make Islam go away. Is that right or did I miss the mark?

    Further, I’m curious in what ways you think the US has done that has played into the hands of extremists. Because, I totally agree with that statement, but the rest of your post has me thinking that we probably don’t agree on what those actions were.

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      Yes, I think Islam is overall a bad thing for the world. It was when I really processed the death penalty for apostasy, which probably means I would be dead now, because I can’t believe religious weirdness with no evidence and I have a big mouth and I’m strong willed, that i realized how awful it would be to be raised in a Sharia country. It may be possible to reform it, though as I mentioned and the link explains, reforming islam is problematic because when you return to the holy text you return to the behavior and life of Mohammed which are not good examples for modern life as a non-barbarian. It certainly won’t be reformed by any non-Muslims and due to design, it’s dangerous for Muslims who try. It’s a terrible conundrum.

  4. “Jewish supremacists (a group which does NOT include most Jews)” control the IMF, the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, the media, and Goldman Sachs (which owns Obama). They seek to preserve and expand their influence, geographically, monetarily, culturally, and every other way possible. To the Jewish Supremacist, “god” gave everything to Jews, and everyone else exists to serve this interest, and is less than. “ – Eric Allen Bell, Feb 10 2013 at 9:18 PM.

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      I would say Jews can be pretty racist, even my Jewish friend said that about Jews. In fact, I was with a Jewish guy for 10 years, his family was great and accepting of me and he and I got along well, but he decided he didn’t want kids and I had told him all along that I did, so we got divorced. Then, last summer, I was chatting with a Jewish gal at a burning man event of all things, I told her about this and about a couple other Jews I’ve dated or been interested in since but didn’t stay with because of their suicidal DNA (that’s what I say about those who chose to not procreate, since they want to remove their genetic material from the gene pool.) and she looked me in the face and said it was probably because I’m not Jewish, not because they don’t want kids. Of course, Christians want to marry other Christians and even non-practicing Muslims want to marry other Muslims for the sake of family relations, from what I can tell. Ironically, my current fiancé is also an ex-Catholic like me, though that wasn’t a factor in our relationship. I’m not sure I could date a theist who thinks I’m going to hell for being skeptical. That would just place a weird existential separation between us, I think. It already feels weird that I have Christian friends, who I love and have no problem with, but I always wonder if they think I’m going to hell just for not having the faith gene?

      Additionally, I did recently read about an Israeli Jew who was actively promoting multiculturalism in the West, but actively fighting against it in Israel. I can’t find the link right now, though. And there’s this.

  5. Allison Allison

    Okay, hopefully this one gets to you! Looking forward to talking with you, but it might be in slow mo since OMG busy.

    There’s a lot here, and I’m not sure exactly what my original comment said, but let’s start with this. I challenge the assertion that the purest form of any religion is textual literalism, and that any practitioner will ultimately trend toward that point as their faith deepens. In my own life, I’ve witnessed people do quite the opposite, including a Christian minister I knew who often said, “I take the bible too seriously to take it literally.” How does Sam Harris get the right to deny her lived experience, and the lived experience of people like her?

    Second, you say that we’ve played into the plans of Muslim extremists, and I totally agree with that statment, but the rest of your post makes me think that we don’t agree on what we’ve actually done to play into their plans. What do you think we’ve done?

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      Finally got your comment found, I didn’t realize they were in a separate tab in wordpress! I’ll past the response here. Now at least I know where to find comments. Maybe I’ll figure out how to set it up so they just show up and I can delete the spam when I see them, vs the comments I want being deleted along with spam.

      Islam is designed to spread and propagate with violence, the way Mohammad did. I do think it’s a testament to the human instinct for good that most people ignore that stuff, but I don’t think that makes it any less dangerous for the future of tolerance. With Islam, (and life) the bullies who are willing to use force to get their vision of Islam enforced with violence tend to win if not opposed with more force by those who don’t want it to be like that, ex, ISIS, Sharia countries, the taliban, etc. That’s part of the design, it says taking it anything other then literally renders you an apostate, which is why ISIS kills Muslims, who they consider apostates, who won’t be all ISIS crazy. It’s great if people can take the bad stuff out in their interpretation and have their societies run that way, but when they have a gun to their head to interpret it a particular way, it’s hard to not say “sure, that works for me, please don’t shoot”.

      Did you know the Muslim Brotherhood has a strategic goal and plan for Islamizing and Sharia-izing the USA? I can’t remember if I mentioned that in my post. There was a big trial where this document for that plan came out and they found that it was a huge conspiracy involving funding of terrorism and including CAIR. Why had I never heard of it till I started reading about Islam? Part of the plan is to work with progressives who are natural allies for this plan, though they aren’t, they’re just being used to end tolerance forever. I am doing my part to fight this plan…I highly doubt it’s been abandoned since then.

      The literal interpretation of religious texts has an attractive appeal to certain types of minds, and if that literal interpretation is ISIS (or Al Quada or ISIS2, 3,4 …) and you have no realistic way of removing that interpretation from the religion that 1.7 billion people are in, well, it’s something to worry about. Ignoring it because most Muslims are nice people and you don’t want to hurt their feelings, well, I’m not that worried about feelings when the future of our civilization is at stake. I do want to make allies rather than enemies and thus it’s important to be strategic, but we need to be able to criticize all religions in the West and Islam doesn’t get a pass on that no matter how much they use violence to try and get one.

      I think going to war in the middle east, both Afghanistan and Iraq, without a strategic plan to make America’s position better not worse afterwards was stupid. We just fomented more hate and thus more terrorists that want to destroy us. At least, that’s how I see it. We had to do something about Al Quada after they attacked us, I’m no military strategist so I’m not sure what would have worked, but the history of war in Afghanistan has shown it’s a place armies go to be bled to death so sending an army there was bound to not go smoothly. Not sure what would be better, but I want our country run by leaders who are smarter than me about world affairs and foreign policy!

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    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      I have a lot of posts in my queue that I need to finish up and edit. Hopefully they will meet your approval 😀

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    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Please read through some of those links and investigate for yourself. It’s a lot to absorb and it takes courage because, if you let the truth sink in, you must speak out and be the one that people call an Islamophobe and bigot. Which isn’t exactly fun. So you have to be strong in your heart, knowing it’s the right thing to do, or you won’t be able to help us spread the word.

  10. Thanks , I have recently been searching for info about this
    subject for a while and yours is the greatest I have discovered till now.

    But, what concerning the conclusion? Are you sure concerning the source?

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      I recommend everyone decide for themselves what they believe. And to be skeptical at every point about ideas, new and old, ready to change your mind based on new data that doesn’t fit your old ideologies. Otherwise you end up clinging to old ideas, if you attach your ego to an ideology and the ideology turns out to be wrong. It’s ok to be wrong and change your mind to be more right. That’s called growth. I totally changed my mind on this topic over the last year, as I’ve been investigating it and thinking about it and looking on both sides of the issue. Also, watching world events unfold. And seeing how vulnerable we are to the threat it holds to what we hold dear. I don’t want to take chances with the future of freedom.

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      Thanks! Come back now ya year 😀 I have so many in the queue but life is so busy!

  11. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter
    to be really something that I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I’m looking forward
    for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      It is indeed complicated. Everything involving humans is 🙁 That’s why I avoided thinking much about us till recently, when I had my little existential crisis. See my intro blog post on that. Humans are so human. Wonderful, awful and everywhere in between. Sometimes in the same person at the same time, I swear.

      Read some of the links and decide for yourself, don’t just believe me. To me, once I started to investigate this topic, it became obviously a problem. But some people think differently. I wish I could understand the mental barriers. I have Muslim colleagues so it was hard for me to separate the Muslims I love from the ideology, which isn’t about them but about Islam’s prime directive, that maybe they don’t even know about or don’t think about it. I don’t think they want to lose their freedom any more than I do. Maybe they are afraid to say something, because criticism of Islam can lead to being outcast and you have to be a certain type of person to want to deal with that? I would be dead if I was raised under islam. i’m that kind of person, a troublemaker. Obviously 😛

  12. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the structure of your website?
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    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two pictures.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

    • Skeptic at Heart Skeptic at Heart

      That’s a good idea. I’ve been very focussed on the writing, but I should also start putting in more graphics and figures. Thanks! I’ve actually been wanting to make my own graphs in the future. I’m going to meet with a professor to discuss modeling of terrorism with power laws. Maybe I’ll put some figures up. Very nerdy figures.

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