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A Series of Unfortunately Deleted Comments (from NPR)

Watch this excellent video on how important criticism of Islam is, since we are sacrificing ourselves on the alter of tolerance and we CAN BEAT ISLAM with words and criticism, despite the fact that its main weapon is violence and deception, if only we had the courage to do so as a nation.  Tolerance to Islam is a suicidal policy with an awful t->infinity prospect that many are not facing.  It makes me sad.  People who are supposed to be smart won’t make the obvious connections because apparently hurt Muslim feelings when you criticize their death cult are more important than lives and safety, including of MUSLIMS, who are the primary VICTIMS of Islam.  You don’t help cult members by not criticizing a cult, you help them by publicly exposing the cult for what it is, since deception in recruitment are a huge part of how cults get new members, ie. you help them by publicizing the crazy culty beliefs to the world, the way Southpark did for Scientology; if people knew how insane the beliefs are most wouldn’t join the cult in the first place, that is why they use deception in recruitment and often crazy recruitment tactics like “love bombing”.  Hence, you don’t see Islam coming right out with the death penalty for apostasy, oh no, you don’t find that out until AFTER you change your mind and decide Islam isn’t quite the religion for you.  You don’t find out about Mohammad’s sex slavery, mass murdering and calls to Jihad right at the first recruitment, no, you find that later, once they have you so emotionally attached to Islam that you are willing to accept such insanity to stay a part of an ideology that you already are in love with via the fervor feedback network.

I first started researching Islam for myself, by downloading the Quran and reading it, in the Winter of 2014-2015.  I quickly realized it was not as I’d been told, by both a Republican President, George W Bush, who told us “Islam means peace”, a blatant lie since it actually means SUBMISSION, by Democratic president Obama, by the media, or by any of my friends who have Muslim family, though most of them had just stayed silent and I’m not really sure if they were religious at all.  Their silence and my trust of the media, in particular NPR, which used to be my main source of new information, along with the New York Times, meant I believed what I was told, that anyone criticizing Islam was a bigot that wants to hurt my friends.  Well, as it turns out, they were more right than I was, by a lot.

Once I recognized Islam for what it is, a cult of a sociopath that spreads and maintains itself via the threat of and use of violence, being a naive silly person, I thought, those poor NPR writers are just ignorant like I was and they don’t realize this is a major problem.  If we can just get them and other liberals like myself to look into this topic on their own, it will be obvious to them that it’s something we need to be honest about.  See, what Clock Boy taught me is that, Islam is not the problem, we are, we are more worried about hurting the feelings of Muslims than protecting children from potential school threats.  This is all fed by the media and the social media herd mentality.  So, I figured I didn’t want the NPR readers or the writers at NPR to be ignorant the way I had been.  Thus I kept going back to read their articles that related to Islam, and to comment on them, sharing links and encouraging people to research the topic for themselves and not believe what they are told, the way I had.  All my comments on Islam were deleted, even a comment, not included here, that was about climate change with a passing reference to the death penalty for apostasy in Islam and how attacks for “heretical” views like my view that the evidence for climate change being caused by CO2 is not as lock tight as we are being told, basically, attacking critics and those who disagree with a belief just screams DOGMA NOT BACKED BY DATA to me.  Even a passing reference that points out the death punishment for apostasy must be DELETED or people might make the connection that a religion with a death punishment put in by the pedophile prophet for apostasy might not exactly be the definition of a “religion of peace”.  Death punishment=peace?


After The Attacks, Activist Reminds: French Muslims Have Been Hurt, Too

I call BS!!!! If you want to live in the West, you have to respect Western values and Islam is incompatible with Western values, as it is written in the holy books. If they don’t fix it we will stop letting them live here. It’s up to them to prove they can make it a less dangerous religion. It’s like the heroin of world religions. And I’m not sure there is a way to make it safe. It’s a cult, death for critics, death for apostates, death for unbelievers, unless they decide you’re ok for sex slavery or let you off with paying the tax and living in submission as an unequal. No friends or marriages with unbelievers are allowed. If you actually follow it as written in their holy books, it’s a sick sick religion. The good Muslims are the worst people, the best people who are Muslims are bad Muslims. The only way to be a good Muslim is to ignore the life of Mohammed, but he’s considered the best person who ever lived by Islam. Hence, violence is the eventual result of becoming a better Muslim, since Mohammed was a violent, warlord, sex slaving thug who took a child bride.…

I wish every news agency in the country would print the Charlie Hebdo cartoons in a show of solidarity with the French and to prove that we will not give up our values of freedom and critical thinking to these thugs. And any Muslim who is a true Westerner would support that move. But our journalists are cowards.


Young American Muslims Face Pressure, Are Optimistic Of Increasing Tolerance

If you are ignorant or in denial of the fundamental beliefs at the core of your religion that lead to Islamic terrorism, then you are part of the problem. ISIS gets inspiration from the Quran, the haddith and the actions of Mohammad the Prophet. Educate yourself on the beliefs from YOUR holy books that are causing those folks to feel motivated to kill in the name of Allah and then speak out against them, the beliefs and the people, take up arms against them and talk to other Muslims to figure out if there’s any way to extract the motivation for violence from your religious texts. That is the way to not be judged by me, risk your life to stop the violence that is being perpetrated in the name of your religion. Whining because the majority of Muslims don’t actually follow the beliefs at the core of their religious texts and thus are peaceful isn’t helpful. Face the problem, don’t run from it or blame those of us who speak out against your “Prophet”.

Faced With Fear, A Muslim Woman Makes A Stand — By Setting One Up

This is why we are terrified.…

There’s a lot more where that came from, but that’s a good start.

Reform the most terrifying stuff out of your holy texts and convince all your co-religionists it is really the new texts they should be supporting to get people to stop fearing Islam. Just because most Muslims are good people (thus bad Muslims, since Mohammad, who did the horrifying stuff ISIS is doing, was the best Muslim) doesn’t somehow magically make the terrifying stuff less terrifying. When those of us who know these things and speak out about it have to do so in fear of being slaughtered, yeah, your religion is terrifying. That’s not MY fault or a lack of knowledge or communication. That’s Mohammad’s fault, for encouraging violence against those who criticize Islam.

If you’re an infidel and you have Muslims friends, they are either doing taqiyya or not following their faith, like most people don’t really follow their faiths fully. Mohammad told Muslims not to befriend non-Muslims, because that’s an effective method of control, it’s what all cults do. Ask them which they are. Good people who are Muslims need to recognize this problem and fix it (or be really courageous and leave Islam and speak out against it) because it can only be fixed from within, if at all. If liberal infidels and moderate Muslims continue to live in denial, the problem only gets worse, no matter what this woman does. Wake up. Look up the hashtag #exmuslimbecause. Watch some videos of ex-Muslims who speak out against Islam. Stop living in denial. And please stop lying to us, NPR. By presenting only positive views of Islam, you are helping to make the problem worse, not better. The divisiveness of Islam is the problem, not our fear of it because of it being a terrifying religion at it’s core, no matter how much good people like to ignore that part of Islam. The actions of your prophet inspire ISIS, how can that not terrify YOU?

American Muslims Tackle Terrorism With Teens’ Best Tool: The Internet

Fear of being murdered if you don’t was historically a major factor, since Islam spread mostly by force. A hero project for lost men in prison, which is what all religions fulfill (read Ernest Becker’s book the Denial of Death, amazingly insightful book) and a feeling of belonging, reason for living, etc.

 Watch this video please. It’s a documentary made by a Muslim. He wants to reform this OUT of Islam. Denial isn’t helping, if they can’t reform it eventually there will be a terrible consequence for the USA.…

Orlando’s Deadly Mass Shooting: What We Know Monday

Liberals will lose this election because of their own cowardice, believing Islamic Taquiya, lies to help protect and spread Islam, rather than seeing the obvious pattern before their eyes that is getting our country men killed over and over. Paris, Brussels and 9/11 didn’t require legal guns, just young men who believed what the religion of bullies preaches about 72 virgins.

Mohammad recommended lying to spread Islam, it’s called Taquiya. If you guys don’t call on your leaders to call out the real problem, Islam, because you are afraid of hurting the feelings of your Muslim friends, who aren’t even that attached to following Islam because Mohammad said you can’t be friends with non-Muslims, it’s your own darn fault when you get President Trump. I’m with him. He was the only one with the guts to call for a Muslim ban, which is the right policy but wasn’t politically acceptable at the time. If you are stupid enough to believe what you have been programmed by the Muslim brotherhood to believe, that anyone who criticizes Islam is a bigot who hates all Muslims, you deserve President Trump. If you are stupid enough to believe gun control would solve this when they have great gun control in Europe and plenty of Jihadi attacks, you deserve President Trump. The real problem SUCKS and it takes bravery to face it. It takes bravery for Muslims to face what is at the center of their religion, a warlord, sex slaver, sociopathic cult leader, and call for reform or leave it, because that puts a big target on their head and I respect Muslims who do that more than almost anyone on this planet. It takes bravery for liberals to come out of groupthink of their friends and speak the truth when you have the guts to see the obvious pattern before your eyes that is getting your countrymen and women killed but for some reason “progressivism”=ignoring obvious patterns that get people killed because feelings of those who don’t fit pattern might be hurt? No, that’s called COWARDICE!

This comment will be deleted, logical, intelligent, and non-hateful comments on Islam I have made all do on NPR. But if you see it before they delete it, please research Islam for yourself and stop believing the Jedi mind trick taquiya the media of the West is complicit in.…
Sam Harris is a great resource also. Any person who researches this with an open mind who isn’t a coward will see the obvious pattern. Unfortunately, most homo sapiens do not fit that profile because we rely on groupthink for society to function. But right now it’s getting people murdered!

Ignoring obvious patterns because not everyone fits them isn’t virtue you guys, it’s cowardice. Don’t pat yourself on the back for blaming guns when Parisians were unarmed and slaughtered by jihadists. People who believe they will get 72 virgins for violently spreading Islam don’t mind breaking your gun control laws. Reality sucks, I know it does, I hate it and wish I could believe what you guys believe, what I used to believe, but the more of us that wake up and speak honestly and carefully, not hatefully, about this topic, the faster we can save lives, including peaceful Muslims, who won’t be living in peace when there is a higher Muslim %age because this is the pattern that Islam generally takes when it goes to new countries. If they can’t face the painful reality due to their emotional attachment to Islam, we need to force it on them because lives>feelings. Maybe the fact that they prefer a non-Muslim country to staying in a Muslim country might give them pause that Islam doesn’t necessarily have great effects when it gets to a higher % of a population?

It’s a religion of bullies, which is why peaceful Muslims are irrelevant cuz peaceful Muslims don’t stand up to the bullies; the sooner the West wakes up to this the more lives can be saved.

Radical Islam Or Radical Islamism? It Depends Whom You Ask

It’s a silly distinction. Until Islam figures out how to reform “radical Islam” or “radical Islamism” from it’s holy books, see, this will continue as it has for 1400 years, since Mohammad, the original Jihadist, got it all started. How people can still be in denial of it would be beyond me except that NPR deletes intelligent, non hateful comments to that effect, the entire media seems to be in denial of it, and they act like it is because they care about Muslims (“not all Muslims are terrorists”, DUH, no one says that, they are programming you to emotionally respond to criticism of Islam that way, I can criticize Catholicism and it’s not like I hate my Catholic parents, worst logic ever) but really, they are cowards since they know Muslims tend to kill people who insult their prophet. Cuz it’s a religion of peace, duh, can’t you tell by the body count?…

Reforming Islam is going to be hard, I actually don’t think it’s possible but it sure as hell isn’t the West’s job, which is why I think putting pressure on Muslims through ending immigration from these tyrannical societies will help. Then, those who don’t want tyranny can revolt and overthrow this awful system in their home countries, rather than escape and then make future home grown jihadists, who don’t realize that Islam actually sucks to really live in under in a Sharia land, which is why their parents escaped in the first place. Unless they came here intentionally to conquer us, which there is definitely some of, see the Muslim Brotherhood explanatory memorandum

Trump is the only presidential candidate with the guts to call out radical Islam AKA, literal Islam, AKA Islam, which is technically the correct interpretation, since the holy books say you shouldn’t try to interpret them metaphorically or you’re an apostate. This is why ISIS mostly kills other Muslims who aren’t interpreting it all the way. The religion of bullies, that’s what I call it. Apostasy is punishable by death (mental slavery, who is ok with mental slavery?). Trump knows Islam is an ideology that isn’t compatible with Western civilized life, since it’s goal is to take over the world with violence and the threat of violence. Even though most Muslims aren’t hateful, because they aren’t really following their religion and are in denial or don’t know why all the Jihads happen, the better they follow in the path of Mohammad, that worse they become by any standards of Western decency (http://www.thereligionofpeace…..

FYI, someone will likely delete this comment, they always delete my truthful but not hateful comments so they can keep you thinking that anyone who criticizes Islam is a bigot…no, anyone who criticizes Islam is brave enough to see the patterns of the world even though they are programmed to think they are a terrible person for seeing those patterns and must ignore them. I voted for Obama in 08 and 12 but after hearing him lie to me and make excuses for Islam, I’m voting for Trump, especially after his truthful but hard speech yesterday. If liberals want to win, they need to stop living a lie and blaming guns for the promise of eternal paradise from the “one true god of the universe” for dying in Jihad. Yes, we can do something about guns, but that didn’t stop 9/11, Paris or Brussels and it won’t stop any terrorist who is determined. Face the hard truth of reality and find some liberal solutions that aren’t denial or you will have President Trump and it will be your own fault for not demanding honestly of peaceful Muslims (some of whom might be using taquiya, lying for Islam, I don’t trust what Muslims say about Islam now that I know about that) and your leaders. I’d rather take a risk on Trump than know my great grandchildren might have to submit to Allah and Sharia because I voted for Hillary.…

Khizr Khan Says He Would Live This Week A ‘Hundred Million Times’ Over

Taquiya. NPR wants you to believe all the taquiya and will probably delete this comment because they do that to views they don’t like, unless they are examples of the kind of way they want you to view the “red tribe”. I voted for Obama in 08 and 12, I believed NPR was a good news source working for the American people. What a fool I was! NPR wants to keep you guys in the dark about the illiberal true nature of Islam that they are duping you all to defend it! This guy Khaned the left AND supports that candidate that voted for the war that got his heroic son killed. Please report the truth about him and Islam, NPR. This is why, when Trump talks about the lying media, he gets more popularity and more support. I don’t like everything about him, but he is right on that and he’s the only one who will have the guts to face the religion of bullies and call it out for what it is, a sick death cult that needs to be beaten with criticism the way we beat Scientology, by pointing out how silly it is and holding it up to criticism, not protecting it from criticism. Funny, critics also often get killed, so really, they are just being cowards. Or maybe they have been bought by the Saudi’s, like Hillary? The media’s obvious bias is only helping Trump. This is the age of the internet, censors can’t control the entire internet, much as they will try to.…

And then watch this.…

Then, if you care to learn more, check out Acts 17 apologetics on youtube, thereligionofpeace, Bill Warner’s work at and read the Quran for yourself. We are being lied to. Mohammad was the original Jihadist. Anyone who says violent Jihad isn’t a part of Islam is either ignorant or lying. Taquiya. Peaceful Muslims in denial or ignorant are part of the process of jihad through migration. Ask the Hindus. If they were all Jihadists everyone would support Trump’s Muslim ban. Duh. But we have to ignore 1400 years of violent conquests because otherwise their feelings would be hurt?


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    ”in particular NPR, which used to be my main source of new information, along with the New York Times”

    Trusting mainstream media, which comprises WikiPedia and social media platforms, is cultural masochism.
    In the current state of the country no truth of any importance can be allowed there.

    There are good niche blogs and sites (like AmRen to name one).

    “If we can just get them and other liberals like myself”

    Let’s say you grew up believing you were a liberal.

    “All my comments on Islam were deleted”

    Right-wing sites, if they aren’t Establishment Right-wing sites (i.e.: fake), will grant you much more freedom of… commentary.

    I wonder if any of your posts dealt with the practice of clitoridectomy, something that is being allowed to some communities of Somali “refugees” in the USA, and is permitted to Muslisms in the UK (Sharia law has been recognized as valid for Muslims, making a juridical enclave of Islam of them).

    “I call BS!!!! If you want to live in the West, you have to respect Western values and Islam is incompatible with Western values, as it is written in the holy books. If they don’t fix it we will stop letting them live here.”

    But there are no extant Western values left. That’s the crux of the whole issue.

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